Is there no in-between in technology?

We live in a world which is both connected and disconnected by technology, or so it is debated. Connected because indeed, it has come a long way to bring us together with the people we love and live miles away from us and it also gives us a certain voice, regarding different problems. Disconnected because as much of a good thing it is, it forces us to rely on screens and applications, rather than relying on real human interaction.

There is a huge debate regarding how many benefits social media, for example, might bring us. You have access to information, so knowledge can be enhanced, you can either learn the skills of multi-tasking or self and time management and you also get to maybe relax and talk to your loved ones. But it all becomes some sort of a fantasy, because everything comes with a cost. And that cost is in regard to how our relationship with society evolves and how we evolve, as human beings, this being based solely on the fact that face to face interactions might change over time.

The opposite of the argument is the fact that actually, people do not isolate themselves when going online, as it gives them the chance to somehow strengthen social relationships, based on different views and values and combining these assets with both online and offline interaction. Sociopolitical aspects also seem to be on the “pro” side of the technological development, as messages flow from the many to the many, giving a certain impact to how people communicate on and how the react to a certain situation.

In the end, these changed are basically associated with extremes, as people only seem to see the black and white in every situation, with no in between. Of course, there will always be people out there who will become obsessed with technology and everything social media has to offer, thus isolating themselves. There will also be people who will refuse the usage of everything that has to do with the “new media”, based on traditional traits or based on ideas one will never manage to get out of their heads. It is up solely to the person to decide whether an obsession can set the tone for a certain presumption or to a certain stereotype, which is another debate though. This digital media has its ups and downs, of course, but there is not a single thing to be absolutely perfect in the world. Changes should be embraced as they happen and solutions should be found as problems arise. There is some in-between, in the end.

Diana Rusu


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