The issue of child abandonment

Child abandonment is an issue people do not necessarily think about as much as child abuse or negligence. Abandonment has been an issue for quite a long time and even nowadays, when society is described as modern almost everywhere, this type of social phenomena happens.

It is going to become quite a personal matter at this point, but I will try to keep my view as objective as I can in relation to this issue. The way I see it, one should not go to the extent of having a baby if there is absolutely no support that person can offer to the child. It is usually the case teenagers, single parents or poor people who integrate into this category, all of them having different standings on the social scale. Basically, in the moment in which a person decides it is time for a child, that person should basically be able to provide a shelter, conditions to live in, an equilibrium in the family life and sustainability for the child. Because everything that a growing person misses out during childhood has an effect on the long run and could determine abnormal behaviours. For example, a person who grew up in a house in which the parents did not manage to offer a safe environment might start committing crime, as to growing up like that. A person who had only one parent in the household might develop problems when it comes to social integration, not being able to establish certain types of relationships with people around. Neglected or abused children might develop serious mental issues, due to the environment in which they grew up.

And then, there are the people who decide to have a child, despite all of the mentioned above situations. And they decide they have nothing to offer the child or do not want it anymore, as maybe it was just a whim and why keep it, if we can’t afford it. Just like a piece of old furniture that one decides at one point to throw away, because it is of absolutely no use. Abandoning a child can bring upon that developing person a series of problems. Firstly, an abandoned child will not have part of the benefits of a “nurturing home” and will not develop social skills, thus will not be able to socially integrate. Not having a model to follow and always belonging to a hostile environment might cause the person to go down on a path of crime, which is again, another social problem. It could also lead to a problem regarding education, as the child will not have the guidance of a family, to tell him whether he can do something or not.

Neither abandoning or neglecting your child brings benefits to the development into a healthy adult, so think about and choose wisely the moment in which you decide to make such a move, since that child will be part of a society you shape.


Diana Rusu


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