How 2050 will look like

When one sits to think about the future, the only image that might come into mind is a blurry one. And that is because one choice made today affects what might happen even in 34 years’ time. And the scariest thing about it is the fact that the choices of even one individual affects the future, in a collective mode.

Think of it this way: one person decides to throw thrash without sorting it. This could be seen as an individual choice, which in fact, actually is. Another person, from another part of the globe, decides to do the same thing. Again, it is an individual choice. But all these individual choices, put together, form a collective choice, even if the people do not know each other and do not really need to know each other either. And throwing the thrash without sorting it, from the very starts, attracts consequences which are not immediately visible, but which have an extremely negative impact on the environment. And as it is, that is basically the thing in which we live in.

But this will not transform into an article which debates the theory of social choice, as the theme is basically “My world in 2050”. The way I see it, massive changes take place without noticing, and that is because people become more aware of what is going on around them, without being told by some powerful figure that this is bad and that is good. New ideas appear every single day, people become more aware of the forms of energy which are being produced and they become aware of the fact that protecting what is around them means protecting themselves, to an extent.

My world in 2050 will be one of awareness, one in which negligence will not be the main asset of a society anymore and one in which the environment will be of a greater importance than materialism. I might sound optimistic, but even starting nowadays, people noticed what is going on around them and figure that a clean air will be of more use than one filled with toxicity and different harmful elements. I see a 2050 with cleaner air, with less damage done to its quality and with more alternatives in order to stop pollution. What one decides to do affects an entire whole, one has basically a number of available options and took a preferred decision, based on different factors. If it is a good choice or not, that can be seen at a larger scale, in which, he, the individual, becomes the helper of a creation affecting an endless number of people.

My 2050 will not look like an episode of the Jetsons, with cars replaced by tiny UFO’s, but rather replaced by walking or by alternative means of moving around. I see it as a year in which technology should step backward, in order to form a deeper connection with what one has really lost over the years to some extent.

Diana Rusu


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