Women lose weight after a divorce or a break-up


I’ve always thought that a divorced woman, regardless of her age, feels like she reached the end of a road. Maybe this is true, maybe this is not. She looks in the mirror and, after years and years, in which she put weight on, without caring about how she looks, she goes into panic – Who is going to choose me now, the way I look? she asks, but there is no voice in the background to give her an answer.

I’ve heard stories and I have met women that, after separating from the men they have been living with for many years, have changed. They were thriving. I just came across an old friend a few days ago, after many months, and I did not know who she was!

I’m D, didn’t you recognize me?

Well, I didn’t, shame on me. She looked stunning and she confessed she was going to the gym. She was separated from her ex-boyfriend for a few months, although they had been in a comfortable relationship that lasted over a decade. They were both plump like watermelons.

The easiest thing to do for a new single lady is to become depressed, neglecting herself, crying every other night, watching romantic movies and gobbling herself with ice-cream, bringing her friend into despair just by calling them to curse or to regret the bastard that ruined their lives.

Instead, they can see a change is required, because nobody will want her the way she looks now. The first change, which is also the most easy to acquire, is the hair. When a woman that has been redhead all her life suddenly becomes a blonde, or when a woman cuts her long-Rapunzel hair same as Cristiano Ronaldo, you can bet something important is going on in her life.

This is the easiest way towards transformation, you just change your “face” and you are a brand new person, not the old, abandoned-by-the-partner one, but a new figure. Then, other changes are involved, from small ones, like going to the gym to reshape our body (this really IS a problem, we don’t go to the gym while we’re married, cause our beloved one is in OUR home, he may even be an excellent cook), to hanging outfits to “match” the new body is also a progress (as the old wardrobe doesn’t fit anymore) to greater ones – changing career, changing de house, enrolling to various trainings – things you should do to fill up your spare time, which would not be used in front of the TV, like a couch potato.

But what about men? What are men doing when they remain alone? They learn to wash their clothes, the dishes, the floor? Or do they learn to cook something. But what if they look for a replacement?

By Alina Suteu

Photo credit: Stress effect


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