Usually, Saturday is a grocery shop day. We go at a supermarket and waste time there until we can find what we went out in the first place. Because we don’t usually hurry up, I had more than enough time to observe how other people shop.

Children. They mostly behave the same, regardless if they are boys or girls. I mean they either sit quietly in the shopping cart, holding victorious something that will be bought for them, either sing, either loudly protest they are bored, either cry hysterical for some toy they want. In general that toy is big and expensive. From time to time, the kid with the personality comes up, the one that does not ask anymore, just throws in the shopping cart, with an amazing speed, everything he wishes for. In the meanwhile mommy or daddy – or both- run desperately and chaotically to put the products back on their shelves.

Because I usually spend quite a time in the sweets aisle, I often find myself surrounded by kids. Once, a little boy came up to me, took my hand and said “Let’s go find some chocolate!” I got to admit, the proposal was really tempting. However, since I would not like for my kid to disappear with a complete stranger, even for a noble purpose, I looked around for a mature “escort”. It was a few steps behind us, under the face of a patient dad, who smiled back at me. So I said “Let’s go!” to the boy. It was a very reasonable kid, because he chose only one chocolate, which made me feel ashamed, because I was really generous with myself, buying 4 different ones.

Women. Usually in a great hurry, they know exactly what they want, take it off the shelf and put it in the cart. This is of course when talking about food. When it comes to clothing, well, the whole thing changes. They have all the time in the world to admire all the useless things, to try on different clothing or to look for something that you can’t find in general.

I don’t remember interacting with other women during shopping, they’re focused on their own business, efficient and without too many hesitations, so I didn’t quite had how to communicate with them.

Men. They are pretty often just women companions so you can usually find them leaning against the shopping cart with a resentful figure on their faces. Amongst those that come alone, there are some that know what has to be bought and they resemble women that buy food: efficient, take everything you need, put it in the cart, pay, leave. The hesitant ones however, are found in more than one situations: either in front of the shelves, looking at the list in their hands, then at the products, then back again; either with the list in one hand and the phone in the other, so they can ask for more information; either with the list in one hand and the product in the other, asking help from a women that happened to randomly pass.

By Alina Suteu

Photo source:  Sanity tips


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