Is it only me that finds it to be a foolery…






…to leave your partner to see the pains you are going through in order to become what he sees in the end? I mean the waxed, manicured and tidy woman you are. Men are horrified by the voluntary tortures we go through and I presume they hate seeing the live session of them, from waxing to washing off the green, blue, red face masks. Why expose yourself with curlers in your hair and cotton swabs between your toes?

…to compare your partner with your ex? Men have their dignity too, you know?! And no, they don’t like hearing how wonderful your ex was and how good were his massages. You might find yourself asked why aren’t you still with him.

… to show up at his door before you announce him? The difference between happiness and misery could mean a simple phone call before going.

… to constantly check his e-mail or phone? I mean, a message like “Maybe I will see you tomorrow too” does not necessarily mean a love affair. Maybe it’s a business meeting, for example. Why shatter the trust you had in him? Why become a paranoid woman? And also, acting with suspicion will make you nasty.

… to tell him everything? Why not be a bit more selective about what you decide on telling him? Your boyfriend is neither your best girl friend nor your mother.

… to not tell him when you have a problem? He can’t guess what’s on your mind after all. So, if you’re sick and you want a hug, just tell him.

… to fight with him over leaving the toilet seat up? Instead of scolding him (for minimum 10 minutes) that he left the toilet seat up, better leave it down yourself. You can save 9 minutes and 59 seconds, and 200 neurons.

… to nag him? Stop telling him every 2 seconds what to do. Even if they seem helpless and clumsy, some are actually really intelligent. He could come to you while you’re frying an egg and start with: “PAY ATTENTION! BE CAREFUL! IT NEEDS MORE OIL! YOU WILL BURN IT! TURN IT OVER, TURN IT OVER! COME ON! ARE YOU INSANE? OH NO, THE OIL WILL SOON BURN OUT! OH MY GOD, THE SALT! DON’T FORGET THE SALT!!!” How would that be for you? Annoying ha?!


By Alina Suteu

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