I just hate…

meli melo

… the “ladies” that greet me in Meli Melo shops. They start attacking me with Hello, miss, my name is… [Pick whatever name you please]. How may I help you?

As I like wandering in shops and try stuff, touch them and dream about various combinations of outfits and accessories, the standard answer is There is no need to help me. I’m fine.

And then, the Hell unleashes, as she tries to apply the few things she was thought in the training about customer care and satisfying client’s needs.

But what are you looking for?

– Nothing, I’m just watching your accessories.

But have you seen these beads?        

This is usually the moment when she starts to caress them. The beads. Literally caress them…

I don’t like them.

But have you seen these wonderful diamond-like earrings? They are on sale!

Don’t like them, either.

So… you really don’t need or want my help?

Exactly!!! Just ignore me, please! [Rude answer, I know, but I just want her to leave me alone with my thoughts. By this time, the perfect combination I had for the green dress has already been forgotten. L My fairytale is broken. Like really broken]

Are you sure?


OK, then….. [This is the moment when I usually want to beat her]… Then I’ll give you a little basket to keep the things you want to buy [and shoves the basket in my face]

My mouth wants to scream OK, I’ll take it, no need to hit me in the face with it! But my mind says Shut up, let her leave, we don’t want to see her again.

Let’s say I still find something nice after all this stressful situation and I want to buy it. I put the thing in the basket and go to the cashier’s. While heading to the cash register, the lady tries to be my friend again:

Oh, did you find something, miss?

And I am just staring at her and then staring at the basket with the accessories. And then staring at her again. Is she by any chance… blind?

Yes, I did.

And then, I make it to the cash register. YES! I’m done here! Nope.

Miss, you know, we have some wonderful purple scarves. Oh, don’t forget about the beautiful purple bags! Do you want to see them?

By Alina Suteu

Photo credit: Meli Melo Store


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