Hello, Caitlyn! The world has been waiting for you!


Yes, the world has been waiting for Caitlyn to be born, even though maybe they didn’t know. The world needed her in order to understand, learn tolerance and develop a new attitude. Her life story is an example for us: you might look like you have it all, but inside your not happy. It’s like being  and acting like somebody else all your life. At one point or another in life we all do that. Some all their life, some only for few days, but we do that. And we do that because we are  afraid of how society will judge us. So I have to say that Caitlyn did us all a favor, no matter if we wanna change our genre or change our lifestyle. We must put our happiness first and start not caring about what people say. It will make us happy. And our happiness will make our loved ones happy. And then it will be a happier world.

Although we saw the male version of Caitlyn, Bruce Jenner for many years in a reality show, we didn’t know his struggle. I can only imagine how hard it was for him to put his happiness aside for his family. And eventually he realized that this sacrifice is not making them happy because he was not happy. He was angry. And now they know why.  This person looked like he had it all. Family, success, money, houses love, everything that a human being could ask for. He won the gold medal for the Olympics. He achieved this all with a price, losing his own identity. Would he have this all if he was Caitlyn from the beginning? I guess will never know.


Bruce Jenner, Olympic Decathlon Champion

Talking about Caitlyn’s (former Bruce) family I can only admire how that family is passing through this hard period of time. It is not an easy job to be in the spot light and to reveal all your emotions. Maybe they got used to it in so many years, but this is not the point. Seeing how they care for each other and how they supported Bruce on his path to happiness is wonderful.


Kardashians and Jenners

I can only hope for good things coming from this public change. Hope the lesson that was learned and the love that was shared. No matter what. Idealistic,but worth dreaming. Caitlyn is a happier person now, why wouldn’t you be happier?

Photo Sources: mashable.com, au.eurosport.com, mirror.co.uk

by Roxana Miron


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