Fixed ideas and accepted craziness


How many fixed ideas can a normal human being have? How many dwarves can dance on your brain before you can be diagnosed with some behavioral disorder, like OCD? How many obsessions you can have without being sent to a psychiatrist?
I managed to gather a few, but I hope I’m not the only one!
The PC sound has to be at maximum, not less. You can change the volume from the speakers remote controller, but not from the PC settings, not a chance. At the TV if the volume is not an uneven number, I’m afraid is going to explode or the world will end because of me. At the microwave, I hate to warm something up at 1 min and 10 sec, it has to be 1 min, 1 min and 30 sec or 2 min. For example, what annoys me is the fact that the program for liquid warming is 1 min and 20 sec. At the gas station, if I had a car and I could refuel, I would pour bit by bit until I would get to an even sum.
In these conditions, you can imagine how much the psychological prices from the supermarkets piss me off , the ones that end in “.99”.
On a long road, I count the discontinuous lines on the roads. Also the number of the buttons on a shirt, the number of marbles or tiles, generally all the identical objects or same dimensions… About my body or my clothes, I can’t stand being asymmetric. So the eyebrows need to be plucked identical and symmetrical, the makeup on the eyes, the same, as much as possible, and the nails will always have to be the same color and of course same length.
Associative memory helps me remember all my high school colleagues’ birthdays, my faculty colleagues, friends and family. I’m a walking calendar. The same memory embarrasses me sometimes, sadly, when I have to remember a phone number. I have to walk around with my own phone number in the wallet wrote down on a piece of paper. That’s embarrassing.
About books, I can’t stop until I finish a chapter. I got only to the half of the page of a chapter when the metro stops in the station? No problem, I stand on the platform until I finish the chapter. It’s necessary that everything on the plate is finished at the same time. I can’t leave a piece of meat which I eat without cabbage or a piece of tomato without cheese. So when I’m almost done with eating, I evaluate the quantity of the food and I portion it in a way that when I finish everything… it’s at the same time.
I’ll stop here. I don’t want all my friends to leave me.

By Alina Suteu

Photo credit:  OCD


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