romanian products

The other days I got annoyed when I saw cheddar which is supposedly Romanian, but on the label it stated something like “Made with Dutch milk, superior quality”. But why, we don’t have superior quality milk? Let the cows to go where they want, put them some music and install them massage equipment and you’ll see the quality of the milk!
What annoys me the most is that we are patriots only in December, around the National Day, and after that everyone with its own, the Christmas comes and who has any time left to be Romanian?
We brag about our traditional products, but I never saw a bar that serves palinca (plum brandy) and not vodka! No restaurant where you find on the first page zacusca with bread, with lard, with fat or vegetables picked up from the owners garden and not brought from Spain! No, we are Romanians only in our own house.
How would it be if a tourist would come to a restaurant in Hunedoara and could order bread with fat and paprika, sarmale, mici, virsli, plum brandy, cherry brandy and other traditional products instead of prosciutto and vodka and other stuff that replace our traditional products? Would be something!
For the last few months I tried to buy only Romanian products where it’s possible. I look at the country of origin on the products labels and I buy what is made in our country. I started to buy fruits and vegetables from the markets, that way I help local producers and I have a bigger variety than before when I was buying everything from the supermarket.
I noticed that in the supermarkets, the Romanian products that are sold, are only the cheapest ones (potatoes and onion for example), other than that, only vegetables that look as if they are made out of plastic. On the Romanian market, vegetables have a richer taste and even if they are not as big as their imported counterparts, you eat them with an appetite.
From my point of view, the Romanian products are cheaper because they come from the producers is lower and they don’t need to be shipped on a long distance. Plus, the Romanian products have lower chemicals because they can be brought immediately from the producers, while the imported products have to stay fresh for a longer time. The supermarkets look like they put aside the Romanian products promoting in the detriment of the imported ones. But did anyone think that maybe behind a Romanian product is a Romanian producer, hundreds of employees who have families and may depend on your decision to buy the products they make? If more Romanians would think harder at this, rather than the color of the wrapper, we would all be better off, giving Romanians the chance to stay at home with their families and friends.

By Alina Suteu

Photo source: Romanian products abroad


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