Romania and LGBT

Some time ago, at the projection of a film where the protagonists were two lesbians, the audience experienced chaos from a group of people who were against homosexuality.

I will try to highlight the problem, analyzing first of all, the phenomenon. Is this intolerance an isolated behaviour? I guess tolerance is a luxury for our country. A brief scientific definition would be: “Homosexuality is a phenomenon that is very widespread in nature, given that it appears in more than 450 species, scientists thought that surely we’re talking about something biological.
The context in which events occurred in the cinema is weird in some way. A group of people interrupt the event which was financed and supported by Embassy of Netherlands, ERSTE Foundation and the US Embassy. The film was “The Kids are Allright”, from 2010, which was developed within the LUNA LGBT Festival. The cast of the movie is remarcable: Julianne Moore, Annette Bening, Mia Wasikowska, Mark Ruffalo. The film won a Golden Globe. The subject is highly discussed: the growing percentage of women who use artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization in order to have a child. In the movie, two children conceived through such a process want to know his father and to become involved in family life. A group of people inside the cinema MTR enters and interrupts the screening and yells homophobic slogans and homophobic songs … Such events, disturbances of public peace and order, are police and security companies’ job. Moreover, the US Embassy in Romania expressed regret that the police did not intervene in order to continue the screening.

For us, I hope it to be a moment to help us make clearer huge distance that exists between law and practice in Romania. Romanian law guarantees sanctioned discrimination and hate crimes, but in reality the police are ineffective whenever forward of said laws should be applied. We need translation into everyday life protection offered by the law theoretically LGBT people, and situations like the MTR boycott are likely to cause a change in this regard. I hope.

Lagy Andreea


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