Follow thy legislation

Let us all imagine an alternative universe, not very different from the one we inhabit now, but just enough to make it seems strange and foreign to us. Now let us visit the alternative Romania, still a eastern European country with the same educational legislation, health care benefits (or lack thereof) same governmental structure but with a little kink: the other Romania legalized gay marriages.

Now, those who are strongly opposed to the legalization of gay marriage would probably paint the picture of new Romania something along the lines of this: total and utter chaos.

Children are crying on the streets, being torn away from their mother’s warm embrace. Men are forced to abandon their homes and live in caves, just to be safe from the “gay agenda”. The population is slowly reducing as everyone is gradually turning gay and none shall procreate ever again. God has turned his back on Romania and its people. No one in Romania is allowed to believe in God, for if they do they will be hit by lightning, just because they vote for gay marriage. The Apocalypse is upon them, and there is no escape.

Those who are pro-gay marriage would probably paint the picture of new Romania as follows: gays can get married now. Also, we still need a better medical system.

And that really is the truth. Legalizing gay marriage will not, in any way, affect even those people who are against gay marriage. Society is going to keep living on the same way it did before and we can see that in other countries that have legalized same sex marriages. Finland did not become more gay. England did not force its anti-gay population to leave the country. God did not unleash its wrath upon Spain.

Yet why is it that in Romania people are so against the legalization of gay marriage? The answer is simple: Christianity. There is no problem with being part of a religion and having a strong set of belief systems which you follow. It is a problem if you take that belief system and put it into something that, at least in theory, must actually be as far away as possible from any kind of religion. Romania is a state in which the church should not ever intervene when creating legislation and politicians should not vote a law or not according to their belief system.

Marriage has, in itself two main features: the civic feature and the religious feature. By religious standards, gay marriage is considered unnatural. Man cannot lay with another man for he will be stoned. Fair enough.

Yet by civic standards, they should be able to. Religion is something personal; you either chose to believe or are raised to believe. But civic rights are something that applies to all citizens within a country. By not legalizing same sex marriage, the civic rights of a considerable number of Romania’s population are being broken.

In Romania, same sex union proposals are being voted against in the Parliament and nobody raises an eyebrow, even if by doing so they are basically taking an important right away from the LGBTQ community. In the EU Parliament, Romanian representative votes for same-sex marriages, and people get outraged. There is a shift in the balance of what some people think is good and bad and it needs to stop.

By Cătălina Mătăsaru


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