Tree Change Dolls® go viral

2015 and women are still the most wanted target to all kinds of stereotypes. It is true, over the recent years mass media has not been so eager in addressing women attributes that are not necessary. Yet again the necessary factor is a subjective one and the only thing that we get to control is the reaction we have towards these issues.

The idea created by Tasmanian artist Sonia Singh is one that stirred a controversy in the online media. Her recent growing business of the Tree Change Dolls® is the most creative approach to a process of “recycling, repair and up cycling forgotten and discarded dolls”. The artist transforms the already popular Brat Dolls into new down to earth style dolls that don’tumblr_nohle9VQXy1u8oyeuo4_540 tumblr_nohle9VQXy1u8oyeuo6_540tumblr_nolkthVUKU1u8oyeuo3_540 tumblr_nolkthVUKU1u8oyeuo4_540 tumblr_npdbt1vRCH1u8oyeuo1_540t have their faces covered in make-up and appeal to a much appropriate outfit for young girls. The idea behind this is that teenage girls will get to play with dolls that will not be subject to the controversial stereotype saying “All women must seek to tumblr_nolkthVUKU1u8oyeuo2_540look beautiful and to have a specific dress code”.

Singh’s idea was soon welcomed by mothers all around the world that want to keep their children safe from the wrong way in which women are represented by the common make-up dolls with short skirts and big breasts. “Now this is a real doll!” says Analia Claudia Llanos on Tree Change Dolls® Facebook page.



Andra Tirnovan

Journalism year III


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