Selfie, selfie on the phone; Who’s the coolest of them all?

“Some social scientists lump the selfie trend — which is most popular among younger social media users — into the larger narcissism that they say is more prevalent among today’s preteens and adolescents, arguing that the self-portraits are an extension of their self-absorption, while others view it as nothing more than an outlet for self-expression, which just happen to be shared more publicly via the communication mode of our times — social media” writes Alexandra Sifferlin for the blog

In reaction to this Dr. Pamela Rutledge says that the idea behind the selfie is completely normal nowadays arguing that “Technology is changing so fast that even small generational gaps are meaningful in how we view ‘normal’ “.

As for myself, I will have to agree with Dr. Rutledge. I don’t see a problem in making a selfie and even posting in on the social platforms. On the other hand, I cannot argue against the statement that what this trend does is drawing preteens and adolescents into a larger narcissism loop. However, it is never the normal condition of something the one that bothers us.  So how do you react when you see people taking ‘selfie’ to a whole another level?

If you haven’t laughed in a while and you are reading this post, I will take the credentials. 🙂


Andra Tirnovan

Journalism Year III

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