Race and gender shifts in comic books

The creation of a character when writing a comic book proved to be a real struggle for artists. The concept of a superhero, as they are called, became over the years a role model for children all over the world. Because of this internationality character of the books, a series of various aspects are taken into consideration before presenting the world the new “savior”. Skin color is one of the most important of these aspects that need to be looked onto way before a description of the superhero gets to the people. The racial depictions of characters need to be consistent to a great extend with their back stories alongside other considerations like gender or outfits for example.

For the comic book lovers, the boundaries of gender representation were crossed multiple times. For example, in 2014 when Marvel Comics came out with a concept annothor_captain_americauncing the new appearance of a black Captain America and a female Thor, all their fans created a media storm (although in the series has been a female precedent who picked up Thor’s hammer and Wilson is not the first representation of a black version of Captain America).

Even if the internet topics went from zero views to thousands of accesses in a matter of hours at that time the on growing tradition in comics of embracing diversity is a matter that will continue to change gender or race. All these changes in the comic books now look a little closer to the reality of the world we live in now.


Andra Tirnovan

Journalism year III


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