First of all,cultural globalization has dangerous.For example,Economic restructuring need to globalization, need universal values, can not adapt to change and technological communities to lose their culture, they are forced requirement is sentenced to like a single culture.These things are bad effects about cultural globalization.Especially,the society who have lots of different types of cultural societies that will mean divide or extinction.According the text we can understand this effects on societies and means of cultural globalization.

Secondly its really impossible to live under the just one culture.Societies lost their identities,and they will be stranger their identities because of cultural globalization effects.

Culture is between the most important things for a nation.

Like language,history,religion.Creating same cultural society is really difficult maybe impossible.Also according to this text,everything can be affect the societies.For example,nowadays there is big communication area.It contains lots of signs.This text mentioned about this also.But according to my ideas,I want to explain myself

Every nations and societies have to keep their cultures.They have to be modern but not changing started to modern.Also we can see its impossible creating one culture on different nations and societies but effecting is so easy nowadays.

According to me again,this is the big problem.For example,lots of people are affected by big countries.Like England,Germany,Russia.I see these effects on my language,on everbodies thinkings,wearings,etc.So that everbody has to know global consciousness.



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