The looking glass-self

I have always been curious if the rest of the people see me the same way I see myself. I have never been a fan of pictures for this very reason. Every time I asked someone to take me picture the result was a disaster. Everything about me looks bad from the way I am smiling to how I position myself. They all say it’s a very good picture, but that is not me.

Charles Cooley talks about the concept of looking glass self, which is stating that a person’s self is growing out of society’s personal interactions and personal perceptions. So we base our self-concept on how others perceive us. Because I looked terrible in pictures, I learnt in time how to pose, a thing that does not come naturally. But well, at least now I can post a picture of myself.

This identity of ours starting from a young age and continues throughout the entire life as long as there is a social interaction. What is important is that we feel good about ourselves and it is natural to behave differently based on the situation, but do not forget who we really are. The saying “what others think of you is none of your business” is kinda true.


Ioana Faur


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