The Negative Effects of Verbal Abuse on Adults


The effects of verbal abuse, as we know it, has terrible effects on people. In this subject we will strictly discuss about abuses brought on women and men and about their different, but self-destroying effects. Verbal abuse causes major fear amongst women and men, but however victims may deny or simply not recognize that fear came from the abuser. Usually, these cases of involuntarely induced fear is covered by the love and faith the abuser comes with after the abuse, but we also know that in short time those abuses will reappear.

To develop these effects in order to get a better understanding on the topic, these intervene because verbally abusive statements play on the victim’s emotions.

The simple statement: „You cannot do anything, you are worthless and you are looking for a fight!” tells the victim what he is doing and thinking and after, diverts the topic to a new problem and that is of avoiding the fight. In most of the cases, the victim feels misunderstood, unimportant, and afraid of what may happen if he presses the issue.

Is this how we want our loved ones to feel?

Now, we will be talking about those effects on the adults that live in the nowadays’ society, consisting in women and men. Their effects range from confusion to symptoms of mental disorders. There is more research studies concerning victims that are females, but even so, there are commonalities among those victims in general. Patricia Evans writes that victims of verbal abuse may:

  • Have difficulty forming conclusions and making decisions;
  • Feel or accept that there is something wrong with them on a basic level (selfish, too sensitive, „crazy”, etc.);
  • Analyze and relieve abusive experiences to see where they made mistakes;
  • Doubt their ability to communicate;
  • Experience self-doubt, low self-confidence, and lose spontaneity and enthusiasm,etc.

These abusive thoughts, have long-term effects and there are some conclusions. Verbal abuse is connected to migraine, frequent headaches, ulcers and many diseases of these type. The psychological effects of verbal abuse include depression, stress, memory gap disorders, insomnia, anger issues, irritability, alcohol and drug abuse, and even suicide. What are those resulting from? From the simple ability to reply, imagined in psychological reactions. When somebody tells you: „You are worthless!”, you can only wait the moment you will have the ocassion of doing the same, just to feel yourself revenged. Of course, things such as depression and insomnia are caused by the lack of trust you gained in those moments and have nothing to do with the same violent reaction.

In order to conclude, we must think better when we verbally abuse someone, because you can see above how many negative effects on your psychological side may have, and we also know the importance of physical health in the society, which in my belief is the most important.

It’s difficult to stay physically health in a society that is mostly trying to destroy it.



Written by Hidi Lorand (Journalism 3rd Year)


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