Social Pressure

There is nothing more annoying in the world than to do something with the help of social pressure. According to its definition social pressures are in fact the combined pressures that are around you during everyday life such as peer pressure, academic pressures and socioeconomic pressure.


As we all know, peer groups can have a tremendous influence or peer pressure on each other’s gender role behavior, but it actually depends on the amount of pressure. If someone is doing something than it automatically is perceived as being the right thing to do by others and if several others are already doing it then the one that it is not part of it is eventually left out. I was talking to a friend the other day, she has a kid in kindergarten and she said that she is upset with her because all the kids at the kindergarten are coming from wealthy families and there is only one kid that doesn’t have a lot of money and all the other kids refuse to talk and play with that kid because he is not rich like them, and my friend told me that her kid wasn’t like that and that she has asked her why doesn’t he want to play with that kid and he said that if he would try and talk or play with that kid all the other kids wouldn’t play with her either.


It is just an example of the way in which children at younger age could force others into doing what their group do, by ignoring and punishing others if they don’t see the “right” way. Those things, they later develop into problems like the teenagers that are convinced by their so called friends into starting drinking, smoking and doing drugs, just because of the fact that everybody is doing it and that there aren’t any consequences.


I think that if the children would be convinced from the beginning of their lives that using peer pressure in order to convince others into doing certain things that somehow are believed to be juvenile at the moment they would later develop to be bigger problems in life.


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