Issues are not always there.

What is wrong with this photography? 

If it was to give my opinion. Nothing. The man was singing in a public place without any authorization and he got a fine.

And why is this a social mater?

The past days this picture had circulated all my acquaintances’ Facebook profiles creating dispute and disgust against that police officer. The problems starts with the fact that  the author of the picture captioned the picture with “Cluj Capital… what?” . It wouldn’t be a problem apparently if Cluj-Napoca, form Cluj county, Romania wouldn’t have been the European Capital of Youth of 2015. The fact that the man is getting a fine is just pure bad luck. The police caught him singing in the streets without an authorization. But people beg to differ.

Most of the comments (you can see them is you click on the picture) are full of hate towards the police officer whom he was doing his job. I’m not saying that he is doing the right thing, but he is doing what he is hired to do; sanction the illegal doings of others. The violinist could easily get and authorization from the city hall like the other street singers in the city.

Now coming back to the social issue. As an passive observant at first I realised that people were full of hatred towards the police officer from various reasons and this picture was the perfect way in which they could express their deceptions. I felt all of a sudden to take a place in the crowd and say that the officer did nothing wrong and the fact that he has a certain education or duty it is not relevant to this problem.

People complained about the fact that they are ignoring homelessness and beggars and they don’t let this guy alone. The realty is that they always take to the station the beggars and homeless people but they return and no one seems to know this.

This picture made such a fuss that one of the city officials said that he will present this issue to the city council general meeting. I hate to brake this to you, but the violinist did not had an authorization and the city council will say the same thing I said and to be honest maybe the police officer only gave the guy an warning for all we know (yes people don’t know what actually happened, not even the author of the picture).

The thing is that in every civilized city of this world to sing legally on the corner of the street you need an authorization. But lately people claim the sympathy clause towards anyone that seem to be in trouble and they don’t even know the truth. This is the real issue. Out there people had formed an society that is always ready to fight for something even if they don’t know stake or the reason of the fight. It is not wrong to fight, but is wrong to fight for something that you fight just because it is a trend.

Which brings us to the Charlie Hebdo case. How many out there did actually know what was about when everybody was going on the street for a solidarity march?

When people will start to be sincere with themselves and acknowledge the lack of information, that will be the moment when the fights will be worth something!

Maria Korodi here! Someday, I’ll change the world.


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