Why I needed feminism this week #4

I need feminism because I can’t wear a short dress without being called out by women

One thing I’ve noticed is that generally, men don’t feel the need to express their opinions on the “decency” or lack thereof of my clothing style. However, a number of women have made comments on the length of my dresses or oversized tees, the nakedness of my legs and the potential color and shape of my underwear.

To these women I would like to send out a big “fuck you I hope you die you misogynist little bitches”. But I won’t. Instead I’ll just wear whatever I want and if you have any issues with my very naked thighs and feel the need to mention it, I’ll try to explain why what you’re doing is wrong nicely. It’s enough that I’m being sexualised and judged by men based on my appearance, I don’t need the same shit from women too.

I remember reading an article written by a female fashion blogger which mentioned that if you wear leggings you’re dressing like a whore and probably deserve to be raped. I won’t go into exactly how fucked up that is, but I’ll make something very clear: I may wear short dresses, but that doesn’t mean I want to fuck everyone or that I am inviting random people to a party that’s being held in my vagina (not that having parties in your vagina or fucking everyone is wrong, but that’s another issue for another day).

And the fact that women -who have had the same exact shit happen to them and know how tough it is to just dress the way you want without judgement- complain about it, means that I really, really, need feminism.

Irina Lupa


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