Why I needed feminism this week #2

I need feminism because when I stopped wearing make-up and a bra, people assumed I did so because of a “feminist thing”.

I did not. I stopped just because I felt like it.

The fact that anyone would assume that I did it because of a “feminist thing” just proves that I really need it. Nowadays, a woman can’t not abide to media standards without automatically having a subversive reason to do so, or a prepared explanation.

As long as people don’t look at my bra-less boobs or make-up-less face and just think, well, nothing of it, I need feminism.

This applies to men that might like dresses or daisy dukes or make-up and are automatically considered gay or effeminate. I also need feminism because of that: because a man can be “effeminate” and a woman can be “manly”.

Actually, the fact that the word “effeminate” still exists is an affront to everyone of any gender.

Irina Lupa


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