Why I need feminism #1

I need feminism because when I say I’m a feminist, too many people equate it with man-hating

Feminism represents a collection of movements and ideologies that share one simple goal: equality among genders. It’s as simple as that. If I say I am a feminist, it means that I want and work for equality.

However, a significant number of people assume that I hate men, that I want men gone, that I want more rights than men. They often ask me why I write on the subject, why I talk about it. I have equal rights to men, aren’t those enough? I’ve been able to vote for 80 years. I can do anything I want, I can be the goddamn President.

Moving past the fact that I can’t become the President in a country where women comprise 11% of the Parliament, it should be obvious that while I define myself as a person that wants equal rights among all people, others characterise my feminist values by automatically placing them in opposition to what men have or don’t have.

So even when it’s not about men, it’s somehow still about men. And I need feminism for that.

Irina Lupa


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