Sociology has the answer: part VII – Carl Jung and the Synchronicity Theory

600px-Schéma_synchronicité_in_EnglishHave you ever felt like two events in your life connected to each other and they happened in a strange way? Because I do, as this phenomenon often happens if there is more attention involved in the action. For instance, there are moments when me and my sister want to say the same words when we talk about something. It happens to think about a person and exactly that person walks on the room or knocks at your door or calls you. It happens when you meet a person at the University and in one day you see her again on the street, by chance, in another country.

Culture is a universal attribute for the whole world. This is a complex part of people`s lives because it includes the sum of beliefs, moral, arts, or all kinds of specific habits or customs. There are many theories that tend to define the way that the whole world works in its complexity. Some of these theories may state the fact that, culture is based on a global consciousness where people connect to each other. Such a theory is the one of Carl Jung and it is called the Synchronicity Theory. This theory states the fact that there are many situations when two events happen on the same time. But these events have an interrelation therefore they link to each other. In fact, Carl Jung calls this phenomenon as a “meaningful coincidence.” This leads to the idea that event though it might look like these events that happen on the same time are a coincidence they still have a connection or a more in depth meaning.

There are many quite known quotes or statements that could support this idea. For instance, “Everything happens with a reason’ or “There is no smoke without fire.” The relation cause- effect is also quite known as a way in which things might work at a universal level. This is how, something has to happen because it was meant to happen, or more simple, something happens because a person`s energy works in that direction. Casuality theory states that nothing happens without being caused. In this way a connection can be considered for any other action of the Synchronicity theory.  Therefore, Synchronicity could be the definition of all kinds of apparent coincidences.

For sure there are also critics when it comes about Synchronicity. One counterargument is based on Apophenia which means detection based on meaningless or random data. Therefore, the Synchronicity theory could be based only on random situations, therefore the theory does not apply to all the cases.

But I choose to consider that still people have their own energy that works in a certain direction all the time. “The secret” documentary talks for instance about this energy and the way in which the whole Universe works for completing the needs of a person. But this needs use to be fulfilled right at their time, no later nor sooner.  

written by Molnar Crina


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