Let’s not forget about the #socialvalues

We live in a world where, in my opinion, the most important things seem to be forgotten. Among these, I found that are also the social values.

Before I go to some examples, it’s good to know the definition of social value- a larger concept that includes social capital as well as the subjective aspects of the citizens’ well-being, such as their ability to participate in making decisions that affect them.

Also, in sociology, the meaning of value is different from the one in economics (=price) or philosophy. Values form an important part of the culture of the society, and account for stability and social order. In other words, social values provide the general guidelines for social conduct.

According to Peter Worsley, “Values are general conceptions of “the good”, ideas about the kind of ends that people should pursue throughout their lives and throughout the many different activities in which they engage”.

Fundamental rights, patriotism, rationality, equality, family and democracy are some of the social values that guide our behavior in many ways, day by day, generation after generation.

Though, there is a difference between these values and the norms. Norms are specific while values aren’t. Values are expected to be followed, for judging and evaluating social interaction, goals, means, ideas, feelings and the expected conduct.

Moreover, rules are accepted and followed just because embody the values that most people accept. i personally adapt the existing rules to my lifestyle and I am ruling my life after well established principles

All in all, I can say that our world is ruled by values, rules, norms and principles, which at some point do interact with each other and are indispensable for a society.



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