Gay Marriages Around the World

There is nothing new that homosexuality, in general, is a controversial subject. Homosexuality exists since world and Earth, recognized since ancient Greece and Rome, and over time, social attitude toward this has varied. From the premise that all men should have homosexual relationships, the acceptance of them.

The first social movements related to this topic have appeared in Europe in the late 1950s. In 1997, the Netherlands became the first country in the world to legalize marriage between persons of the same sex.

Countries in Europe which have followed suit of the Netherlands are Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, the United Kingdom and France. But with the rest of the countries, people who have a different sexual orientation, they struggle daily with the leadership of the State to which they belong.

Last year, France has legalized gay marriage, and the signs of “threat” to the rest of the population have been reviewed, as usual, and in our country, too. The national day of France in 2013 was celebrated at Bucharest with protests against same-sex marriages. Until our country and countries of Eastern Europe will make this step, it will take a long time-now. In countries run by churches, the only thing with Abrahamic elected gays currently is ignorance. In the same year, in the United Kingdom has approved gay marriage law, approved by Queen Elizabeth II, but this was just a formality.

In Russia, homosexuality is seen as something very hurtful, demoralized, a thing that is destroying the traditional family. They also deny the orphans to be adopted by gay couples, even in states where it is legal, by the new law applied in 2013.

Russian Olga Sinyaeva, which produced a film about orphans, said that although it would be better for a child to be raised in a family made up of a man and a woman, adoptions by any loving parent is much better than staying in an Institute for orphans.

Countries where it is prohibited by law, adoption by same-sex couples are Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, San Marino and Ukraine.

In Ukraine the situation is not rosy. Here even the propaganda in public is forbidden, meaning that any promotion of homosexuality in films or media is prohibited.

Starting from Russia, traveling through Ukraine, we are in Republic of Moldova. In 2012, the law on combating discrimination, at that time, public ascotiatia “for the family” was against the law, considering that law enforcement will bring upon gay marriages. Ultimately, the law was approved, but the population is of the opinion that the law is not enough for tolerance in society, but it has to take a more general effort.

In most countries in Eastern Europe where homosexuality is seen as something bad, is obviously a country headed by Christian moral. Christians in Romania play a crucial role on the stage of homosexuality. Before and after the repeal of the law 200, Church intervened many times against this law, on the grounds that homosexuality is a sin and a major threat to the family and society.

Scientific studies have concluded that homosexuality is not a disease and is not an indicator of a genetic disease. However, homophobia is a disease, like any other phobia.

Lagy Andreea


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