#volunteering – solution for a better world?

I’ve been volunteering during all my studying period from college, and all I regret is that I didn’t involve in much more projects”, says a third year journalism student.

What is in fact volunteering? It’s not only about giving a slice of bread to a homeless person, but rather involve and be part of a non-governmental organization, sharing ideas, opinions and together with the others implement them in projects that can help your small community. This means to work for free. But who said that your work and efforts are awarded only with money? No, Sir. There are much more benefits you can get and things to achieve when volunteering, but also negative aspects as well.

Psychologists say that if you help for free and offer gifts for those who are suffering, or do volunteering, you raise your chances of living. All these things make you feel strong emotions and involve you deeply in the subject; usually, the persons who show kindness are healthier than the others who are selfish. Moreover, due to the new law that recognizes the activities as professional experience can help thousands of youngsters in finding a job. (http://develawp.ro/legeavoluntariatului.pdf)

For instance, our student says that, “besides lots of friends and sleepless nights, I learnt to help and offer without expecting something. I felt on my own skin how it is to do your best, work in a team, take your huge project to an end, and to receive only a <Good job, but you could have done it better> and also that being part of an organization, you find out many things you can use further in your career. I’ve been in an international student organization, in communication department. I couldn’t imagine how useful is to be a volunteer. Above all I already said, it thought me to be more responsible for my behavior, to be tolerant, to share goods, to organize my time and life, but most important, to appreciate what I already had: family and friends.”

The ugly part of volunteering, to say so, is that you either find a part time job or beg your parents to give you money for all the workshops and conferences you must attend during your mandate in the organization. Or, sometimes you put so much soul in your work that instead of being an awesome job, it’s a failure, and if you are accustomed not to make mistakes, than bad luck, even if the others will try to make you feel better, it’s going to be hard to pass over that moment.

As statistics show, the unemployment rate registered in March, this year in Romania, is of 5,37% (http://www.anofm.ro/statistica) and times won’t get better. Those who study and volunteer don’t have any income, while the others who decided to stay at home receive the unemployment benefits.

So, what should be done? Being a simple student, volunteering or working in another filed than what you study?

It depends on each of us what we choose to do or how we choose to be, just keep in mind that if you do well, you find well.



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