The law of attraction

The law of attraction has become more like a social movement and for those skeptical it is only a theory, while for others has become a lifestyle. Your thoughts become material, so whether you think you can or can’t do something you are right. You attract what you feel based on what you think. A negative person attracts negative things, money brings more money, lack of love brings more solitude and so on. Once you start thinking of what you want and be grateful for what you have, the reality will transform accordingly.

Not sure if sticking a 500 lei bill on the ceiling and waking up every morning thinking you will have that bill in your pocket soon will actually bring in the near future more money to you, but positive thinking I will definitely bring better things in your life. Of course, I am not talking about wishful thinking. I believe that if u really wish for the best you need to let go or add something in your life according to what you want.

If it is money you want, they won’t fall from the sky, but the law of attraction says it can if that’s what you really want. If it doesn’t happen, it means you are not asking the right question. This being said, this law goes closer to a general truth: you ask for money and you don’t get it because what you really want is stability and peace.

So where does this law bring something new? This is a long debate, but we can take some time to think about. What do you really want and is what you get fate or consequences?

Ioana Faur


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