Indiegogo or how to socially bring together people

xtmfurrk7bgcm3yoanc1Ever wanted to socially bring together people in order to raise money for your project? Sites like “kickstarter”, “indiegogo”, “gofundme” have gained a lot of popularity throughout these years. Since the technology has evolved, the ways of communicating have changed, we no longer have to have face to face conversations because we can do it online, first the popular tool in Romania was Mirc, a chat program, then everybody discovered Yahoo Messenger and later on Facebook became the main chat engine that is currently being used. Nowadays you can raise money for any project you want, and it has never been easier to do it. Since the development of the Internet a lot of sites just like Indiegogo have appeared.


In the past, if you wanted to raise money for something you haven’t had such a bright access to people, you would have to put all your faith in the people from your town and that was it. If we take a look of our modern way of raising money for projects nowadays, we see that it enables the possibility of foreign contributors as well. Basically everyone across the globe can donate for your cause and support it.


Sure, there are a lot of projects that unfortunately or fortunately don’t make it, but the good ones, the ones in which the people that created them invest time and involvement do make it and once they do they are significantly far more important because their “birth” has occurred due to the fact that people from all around the world joined and donated and realized that the project is important and interesting for them.


Sites like “indiegogo” are like a test for humanity, to prove to us that even though we have different cultures, different backgrounds, different color skin, we can still unite for a cause that it’s worth funding. Those sites encourage our ideas and make them readable and sustainable by everyone in the world to see and to contribute if they want to.


If we succeed in letting aside our differences and to support each other we can set an example for future generations as well, the message that together we are stronger is not lacking in meaning and it should guide us further through our lives because if we don’t support each other than maybe good ideas could not be put to test and prosper.




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