Ignorance or Indifference in the Society and Its Effects

Cloud 2.2

Ignorance became something valuable as a characteristic of the typical human in other relationships, or so called interactions. Why do people adopt this position of ignoring? By the pure need of attention that he/she could not get from somewhere else. Attention comes in a moment when the human race was in desperate situation. It is simply masked by moral support, which is actually translated into another form of attention towards persons.

Then, love came into connection with this indifferent thinking. Though, we are in love with the direct way of transmitting messages. We need it eventually. The things is, we are dependent of love. So, why we always tear appart something that keeps us united?

I had thought of an answer. The misunderstanding of some values. This is why we end fighting all the time. By simply stating that: „If I do not consider him/her important, he/she will finally get to me.” Big fault. You only make him/her get used without you, so you eventually end by being sad. Why?

Here is a more explicit side.

The fact that you did not socially accepted your true feelings towards that person, will drive you to a negative conclusion. The simple misunderstanding of love, or not getting it and simply replying to it through ignorance and indifference, actually represent that values that we got wrong as a society.

We all have friends, but you as an individual are the only one who understands your feelings. Never go against them.

Take your time and reflect on the answers of this questionable daily social problem.


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