From Pure Spiritual Control to Absolute Brainwash


In the past, or better explained in the beginning of our nature, everything was simple and curiously, people could also do something for their happiness that includes a living, without the need of luxury.

Were those better times? The ancient ones? From simple to complicated there is a subtle step. We do complicate our times nowadays through adding value to some papers that are in fact the implied seed of our existence. Those money represent the main social character that led to the slow, but to the sure vanishing of humanity.

Our essence is lost. The fact that we, as social actors destroy forests, translated into destroying our biggest source of oxygen, makes me think once again. Will we destroy ourselves? Yes. The need of those money, that I call simple papers will eventually drive us towards absolute destruction.

What is even more sad? For example, I had seen “Baraka” from 1992 these days. It is about our whole existence as spiritual beings. The detail that “killed” me in major proportion of my spiritual side was actually a Japanese monk. He was walking through the present society and he could not simply refind himself. The ring of a ritualic bell made him pass in silence, unharmful of the noise and chaos that people around him were creating, being surrounded by responsibilites. What mostly psychologically disturbed him was that everybody was fighting against their brains.

To conclude, I hope that in the future we will get conscious of these slight details that are in fact “silent killers” determined to tear us appart as a society.

Written by Hidi Lorand Ferenc


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