Sociology has the answer: part VI – Sociology really helps human act humanly


Let`s imagine you have the chance to know the case of a little girl that was kept inside home until the age of six. Her mother is mute therefore she cannot talk to her daughter. On the same time they live in a small room on a top of a hill, isolated from the rest of the world. They don`t have a source of light during night and they barely have what to eat. She lives only with her mother and they are poor.

After that, let`s imagine a girl that lives in an average income family. She lives in an apartment near the center of the city. She has her own room and she goes to school. As an infant she was though how to spell “mum” or “dad” but at the age of three already she knew also a little bit of French, once she started going to kindergarten. She has a mother and a father but also a brother coming in the way.

Now you can sit down and write the differences between the two little girls.

For sure the first girl from our story will have a deficit in behaving in the right way. She will not know how to talk, how to play with other children or she will not be used with different items because she never get in contact with them from the very beginning. The other girl, at age of six already knows how to interact with children, how to talk, how to eat properly or how to play with a doll.

If you wonder about the difference between them for sure the answer will be based on the process of sociology. A short definition of sociology once you search on Google, says that this term defines the process through which a person acquires the right skills in order to know how to behave. There are some principal agents that a person needs to get in contact in order for these skills to be acquired.  For instance family is the first agent sociology takes into account. This is a primary source of sociological behavior. The ideal therefore would be for a child to have a complete family with parents that would be able to explain or to show more details of life since the child grows and tries to explore the world. The next factor is school where children learn how to work within a group or how to behave to different rules. In depth knowledge is provided here for children to learn how to write, read or draw.

The good part of this process is the one that it is never too late to learn it once a person is ready to deal with all the factors that help within the process of creating a way of being or a way of behaving. For instance there are many experiments that have shown the cases of little children that did not know how to behave, but in a matter of one or two years they arrived to the right level of their development once that the focus were they.

Therefore to me, sociology helps acting humanly but it also provides a freedom in creating a personality, in shaping a way of being and in correcting mistakes.

Written by Crina Molnar


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