Little Island of Peace-Exhibition Diana Păpuți

Last week I was grabbed by a friend to the an art Exhibition. First, I was a bit uninterested, I just followed her because she studies art and it was a project done by one of her colleges at the University of Arts.

-It’s a very interesting collection of pieces, You gonna like it. -said she. At the end I have decided to follow her.

I must say that it was worth it. I have never seen Aquarelle painting done by such perfection, and attention to details. In the other hand it was a very interesting meeting with artist that have done them. She had an indescribable piece and purity about her. I totally had the impression that I met some princess from the 19th century and her sisters. Her message through the paintings, is to get back to a world of purity, nature, a poetic and idealistic world of nature, where all the characters represent something deep.

The 9 paintings bring us through the life events of three girls, who live in a perfect harmony in the nature, far away from the agglomeration of the city.

You can hear more from Diana, the artist that won the 2nd place of ExpoMaraton and will represent Romania next in Viena.


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