What’s your group, to tell you how you are…

Have you ever wonder why do people behave the way they do, and also why do they join some groups?

One of the answers is that people are made to live together, that’s why human kind is recognized in individual, family, group, ethnicity, society and nation. If we look around, we can observe a person style and behavior, and due to the formed stereotypes, we can associate him or her with something.

For instance, we walk on the street and there’s a man with long curly hair, leather jeans and a black T-shirt. Yes, he is a rocker. Or, we go out, in a pub, and we see a nice dressed woman, but with a bottle of vodka and Tabaco; you’d say she’s an alcoholic, but next few minutes some friends surround her. You’d say it’s her night out with her friends, right? Of course, this is how I used to do, until myself heard some rumors about me, and I could not believe, because I had an escapade then and I’m sure I am not like that- drunk-girl. Then I realized how important is to be part of a group, usually a huge one, with nice reputation and image.

So what are social groups?

Well, they appear everywhere and are a basic of human life and consist of two or more people who regularly interact and share a sense of unity and common identity. You can be part of a club, college class, workplace, sport team or church group.

There are 2 types of social groups:

Primary: those that are close-knit; typically small scale, include intimate relationships and are usually long lasting. E.g. friends from kindergarten, or nuclear family.

Secondary: these have the opposite characteristics of primary groups, as they can be small or large and are mostly impersonal and usually short term, which are typically found at work and school; sometimes these groups become pretty informal and the members get to know each other fairly well, but even so, their friendships exists in a limited context. E.g. NGO’s.

(Now I understand why the childhood friends are forever and the rest who come are temporary, until you’ve used them or they’ve used you for whatever interests.)

An issue with individual and groups might be that the others use to generalize and sometimes is harmful. For example, there’s a ‘manele’ group, and you see a very nice boy, president of some company, sitting at the table, enjoying the music. You instantly think, ‘oh, gosh, he’s so handsome, but he is ‘cocalar’,, his company may be like that as well, just because is in that entourage. I personally do not agree with this, and my advice would be to watch, think and then speak about something you find or see for the first time.

Don’t forget to be attentive of your group because it is part of your life- choose the one that suits you!




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