Sociable or Charismatic

We use to go out with people and we often say that some or more sociable than others. It also happens to me, sometimes not to be in the mood of not communicating or smiling to everybody, which means I’m not necessary, unsociable.

So, in order to see whether or not am I enough sociable, here I made a top with things to do, to be sociable. But first, I want you to know that the word charisma comes from Greek and refers to a divine gift.

  • Be relaxed and smile wherever you go. Even though you’re not in a good mood, when you go somewhere be positive and open for fun, as no one will like sitting by an upset or pessimistic person.
  • Show confidence. Charismatic people attract the others through optimism and confidence. Take care of your verbal and body language, as it says a lot about your person.
  • Read. Whatever you want, but read, just to know how and what to speak when you’re aware of a certain topic or subject of discussion.
  • Think before you speak, even when joking, talking should serve a purpose. Make sure you won’t be a laughing reason among your friends.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and get your energy up! No matter the issues you have at a certain point, dare to hope for the best and be strong. Also, try new things and meet new people with whom you can share ideas.
  • Give compliments and show empathy. You can accept and express your opinion when you see or hear something really awesome. It’s not wrong to compliment someone’s activity or outfit, unless it’s said on a certain tone. A charismatic person shows sincere interest and intentions with someone else when he or she listens deeply and remembers important details such as birthdays, or interview dates.

Above all, socializing requires an element of animation and zing.



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