Your Favourite Music Clubs Creating Social Labels

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To get a more in-depth analysis about what a club says about you, I will attack this subject at a local level, talking about the clubs exclusively from Cluj-Napoca. There are many clubs in Cluj-Napoca, but a few are populated with the right people. Here I exemplify: Club Midi, After Eight, Diesel and Janis. Let’s take this four clubs. Are people sorted on labels? Yes they are. You might be wondering why I started with Club Midi. The only reasons is that it creates the modern and necessary atmosphere where everybody is free to do whatever they want in terms of civilization. I will talk just about the two of them, because After Eight, Diesel and Janis are pretty the same, fulfilled with commercial music, where people who look at the TV and mostly listen to the radio are. In other words, their source of music are the TV and the radio.

In Club Midi, real social interactions take place like in any clubs, but the difference is made at a musical level. Here people find about music mostly on the Internet or on different online platforms as MIXMAG or Beatport where you can buy the tracks you listen to. The repetitive music with not so many vocals in it as Dub Techno combined with Ambiental or Experimental is for example will actually give you the space to hear yourself over the music. They have a structured plan every night, beginning with Mihigh who is actually warming up the atmosphere, the most important part of the night. Mihigh is actually the DJ, or the entertainer that gives you that space, using different tools (CDJs) to create the necessary vibe people need to develop social relationships. He is also using his body language and has no laptop which actually proves that you are entertained by an experienced DJ. Click here for the video! 

So, if you go to Club Midi, you’ll actually be associated to that type of casual and free people who don’t bother that much on clothing and what they look like. People will know you go there to dance, to communicate and to have fun, without any violence. Finally, people will remark you as friendly, without the inhibition of beginning a social relation, and even with some knowledge about the underground music scene which is unavoidable, because of the great names that come there. (e.g: tiNi)luca-audiofly36

Then in comes the After Eight club, in which people also interact, but at lower levels because the sound is very populated with vocals, stuff I said above and which is essential to communication. People there take care very much of what they look like, not paying to much attention of what that guy may actually think. Most of the people that go there, don’t interact that much, but look at each other. Mostly, there is a fashion market. It’s ok if the music is bad, people won’t realise because they don’t have the necessary knowledge to decide if that music is well produced or not. People will remark you as being a fashion addict, which is not that bad, but makes the difference when we think about Club Midi for instance. The tools are the same, but used in a different way. (e.g: if you have your players connected to a laptop, the people who detain some knowledge related to music will know that you have not that much experience and you will loose credibility as an entertainer)


You may also realise that in clubs like After Eight, Janis or Diesel people are finally aimed towards violence because the entertainer didn’t take care of their state of mind. For example, a group of people consumes alcohol and the music evokes agression. You know what is the end.

To conclude, sociologically, there are two types of people that go in clubs. Those who are interested in the artist, his music and dancing, and those who are interested in anything else.

Remember that is only my opinion and this research is based on personal experience.

P.S: See how Techno creates social relationships here.

Written by Hidi Lorand Ferenc (Journalism 3rd Year)


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