Handball as a social buzz

cupa-romaniei-2015-2As a handball non lover whatsoever, I can say, that the last weekend was in fact a very bizarre one. The national cup at handball had taken place in my hometown Baia Mare. The preparations and the excitement was indeed fueled by journalists.

At the semi-finals that took place in my hometown there were a lot of fanatics that have really did not know who to cheer for. The behaving of the so called ‘fans’ was not quite understandable in the fact that the fans of this sport hadn’t know when to swear and when to cheer, they had swear one minute because of the fact that their favorite team had lost the ball and they had begun cheering because they succeeded to score. The power of the so called ‘’herd’’ is important in the sense that it reassures a certain individual that his actions are approved by others.

It is very important that we are observed and approved by others and this kind of manifestations are the perfect way in which certain individuals can show that they can be a part of something and that can make them feel even better about themselves, it even gets them some sort of satisfaction. A satisfaction that is fulfilling the desire of being a part of something.

Knowing that probably a dozen other people have the same preferences as you do as well as the fact that another part that probably cheer for your adversaries give the individual the sense of power and makes the individual competitive and that could have a good influence, because if we think about it, being competitive is good for humanity, all sorts of good things had came through the fact that people were competitive. People feel the need to support and be attracted to things that are likely to them and they want to be a part of something that exceeds him as individual. Needless to say that, in our case we have some fans of HCM Baia Mare that are cheering for Baia Mare’s handball team because they live in the city and they are more closely connected to that than cheering for CSM Bucuresti for example. They are fans because that is socially accepted and that’s what everybody is doing and because everybody is doing something they tend to consider that it is a good thing.

In conclusion, I think that we can’t say for sure whether people who are fanatics are in fact people that seek social approval and that they try to think better about themselves throughout this way of manifestation, or that they simply cheer for a certain team because they strongly believe in it.

G. Nan


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