Jobs – a continuous journey to find them

jobs The rate of unemployment is getting higher and higher nowadays, and the ones that tend to suffer are the students that have completed their studies and want to find a job. The employers want people that are already experienced and they are very reserved when they take in people without experience. They are tested throughout a period of time that is conventionally called as “practice” that it is usually without payment.

Several companies have been using this type of method in order to obtain services from young and unexperienced students and after the period of practice is expired they would probably state some made up excuses which in fact are not available.

It is important for us to work and gain experience but we must be aware of the fact that certain companies can use us in order to work for them without paying us and after the practice time is over so is our time for that company.

People tend to have a perception about students and their way of being selective about where they would work, but they are formed in another type of mentality than the people that lived in communism, we are more likely to leave a company if something doesn’t fit with our expectations than people who have lived in communism and are older.

We need to know the fact that our experience is important and we should be selective with the jobs that we choose, because if we are good at what we do and if we seek jobs than the luck might just strike us.


G. Nan


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