A few weeks ago, in our Introduction in Social Sciences course we had the discussion about what is modern vs what is traditional and how do we draw the line between these terms. From idea to idea we started talking about weddings. We remembered our grandparents’ weddings in their villages, how they wore their traditional costumes and how they lived up to the expectations of their parents. Then, we imagined our (possibly future) weddings: some dreamt about having a modern wedding, with white dresses and a fancy party while the others would go against the flow and have their own take on the event, with a small ceremony, only at the city hall and without all formal tuxedos, religious vows and toasts.

Then, we moved on to really thinking about what does a white dress really means and why, us, girls, dream about wearing it on our “big day”. Is it because we grew into linking as we have been associating it with the beginning of a marriage ever since we were kids and played with our Barbie dolls? When we think about it, how much in us is genuine and how much is socially constructed?

For most of the people living in this Western culture, the wedding day is a really big deal and everything has to be perfectly organized. Thus, there is a lot of pressure both on the bride and the groom to make ti all exactly how they (and their parents and siblings and grandparents and guests and so on) have imagined.  However, there are some couples that go against this concept and prefer to have a different kind of a wedding. Here’s to the misfits!

Photos taken from: Elite Daily, Bored Panda, Mic.176234couple-wedding-around-the-world-travel-cheetah-rhiann-9couple-wedding-around-the-world-travel-cheetah-rhiann-39kfcqyu5a44j38n7eyh8atiwci6khqkdsuzxgrdv2dcycsljl8hqjibfry0916nctSticks-and-Stones-Anniversary_via-Rock-n-Roll-Bride-10-640x9978c8db22c735468a02c1703b19931ee89Written by IRP


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