image-2014-11-26-18671341-0-zid-baia-mare-1As I was saying in a previous post, the Internet was spread into two large groups. The thing is, the mayor from Baia Mare was hearing numerous complaints from citizens that were concern that the wall that was built with so many sacrifices would be demolished by authorities. The local council and the mayor decided to speak with a group of students from a Design Faculty from Cluj to come and paint the walls so that the aspect of the wall would be much more attractive.

After the painting session was over, the wall wasn’t a wall anymore, it was considered as a work of art and was protected by the Minister of Culture. A lot of paper work and approvals would be needed in order for the NGO’s to tear down the wall.

The mayor has been fined though, with a sum of 5,000 lei but he found a way to help his citizens not get hustled by gypsies whenever they drove with their cars through that area. The street is now visibly much cleaner than it was back when there was no wall. Being asked if they feel discriminated after the mayor built the wall, some of them said that they don’t feel discriminated and that they feel that their kids are much safer than before, accusing the ones that said that they feel discriminated of not knowing how it is to have children and care for their safety.

In conclusion, I think that it is safe to say that, whenever social media breaks down into two groups, those two groups should absolutely read the news from different sources before stating arguments and they should at least state arguments before writing down their own opinions.

It is responsible to say that, nowadays we have this important tool at our fingertips that is called social media and that we are responsible for what we think and transmit to others and we should learn to state our opinions in an organized yet informed manner.



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