Emotional Freedom Techniques-Healing by Tapping


Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT) it’s a tapping method that was designed and used in order to cure physical and mental problems by touching the body’s main energy points.

First implemented by Gary Craig  the author of the “EFT Handbook” it is a technique that claims to help people to get rid of anxiety, depression, diseases or any other psychological issues that one might go through. Being a follower of alternative and self-healing techniques I have decided to take a luck at this social phenomenon, that is considered on of the best techniques of emotional intelligence management.

Reading about this technique I have decided to take part at a EFT dedicated conference in Cluj-Napoca. The Conference is called “How could we change our beliefs with EFT”. By arrival, I was surprised how many people were actually interested in trying to improve certain elements of their lives.

The event was anchored by the well-known EFT expert, Veress Zoltan, who claims to be the number one player of the Romanian market, especially when it comes to his free YouTube courses. The conference have offered a sneak peak on what EFT means, how and what for it is used and which results were achieved. It seemed exiting but I was not quite sure if I could thrust “the authority’s opinion or not. The result was that after the conference I have decided to dig a little deeper what EFT actually does. I wanted to cure my insupportable migraine that was caused by an unknown issue without swallowing tonnes of medication each day.

Watching videos I have learned the fundamentals of the technique. It basically requires  three important steps.The most important step is to define the issue that need to be solved. After defining the problem it has to be sad out laud in the following way”Even if I have X problem, I deeply and entirely accept and love myself…”. In the same time the tapping has to be started as well. You might ask now: Where are the tapping points?


EFT has identified 9 tapping points that has to be triggered several times during the course of a session, they are also called as the meridian points: the soft part of the hand beneath the little finger, crown of the head, around the eyes, beneath the nose, the chin, near the clavicle and beneath the armpit and the top of the head. There is no actual time frame for doing EFT, it has to be done until the pain is gone or the anxiety is released.

According to the EFT manual, the procedure consists of the participant rating the emotional intensity of their reaction on a Subjective Unit Of Distress Scale (SUDS) (a Likert skale for subjective measures of distress, calibrated 0-10) then repeating an orienting affirmation while rubbing or tapping specific points on the body. Some practitioners incorporate eye movements or other tasks. The emotional intensity is then rescored and repeated until no changes are noted in the emotional intensity.

A growing number of studies suggest EFT is an effective and safe treatment, and with the predicted sharp increase in the demand for mental health services. The researchers studied 39 patients during the trial and say that most improved significantly as a result of the treatment.

Another study conducted on the Staffordshire University have proved the effectiveness of EFT when it comes to increasing concentration and performance. The students has provided evidence that EFT could also boost performance in pressurised conditions.

Some 100 students were approached randomly to either receive an inspirational lecture or an EFT session ahead of giving a marked presentation.

The 50 students who received the EFT remained calmer and achieved higher results.

On average, it has been determined that just over five sessions are required to treat clients. This compares well with other therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), where between six and 20 sessions may be required, depending on the condition and severity.

This is interesting, so I have started to talk to people online from my local community asking them if this technique really helps. I have found people that achieved remarkable carrier results with using EFT, could win over depression or low self-esteem, people that were treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, there are many that could improve  their relationships or  have healed painful past wounds. Being inspired by these results I have decided to try it out healing my migraine.

I have done a 10 minute session so far, and my migraine was almost entirely gone. The only thing is that it requires consistency and and continuous work, day by day, because the pain was back just after a few hours.

EFT users from Cluj talking about their results:


Gary Craig, “The EFT Handbook” 2001





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