The wall that spread the Internet Part I

zid-horea-plangerea-romani-criss-respinsa-de-tribunalul-bucuresti1353914127It was interesting, yet amusing to watch how Internet has divided into two separated groups as one of the most rated subject has been discussed and presented to the public. All the commotion that covered the Internet blogs and social media was in fact over a wall. A wall that the mayor of Baia Mare has built near a flat that was in fact occupied with gypsies in order to protect their children to not get hit by cars due to the fact that they consider the road to be their playground and in the summer nights they decide to lay on the road just to cool off.


Mayor’s decision was due to the fact that he has received many complaints from citizens that the road that passes by that community is not safe because, as the citizens say, gypsies had willingly encouraged their children to get hit by cars only to obtain material benefits from people that are too scared to be involved in an accident so they kind of blackmail them asking for money and goods in order for them to keep quiet about the incident.


The mayor decided to build up a wall in order to discourage the children to go in the street and injure themselves, soon after, as they were discouraged to go outside and litter in more places, they began littering near their apartments, throwing the garbage out their windows, soon the garbage has gathered up into piles and it kept rising. After seeing what the mayor did, many NGO’s that protect gypsy rights have sprung into stating that the action of the mayor is not legal, that it is a discrimination and that he needs to tear the wall down. The council has done numerous sanitary actions out of the regular citizen’s money, due to the fact that the piles of garbage were disturbing. The news has spread to other local news station and after that it became national news, due to the fact that certain NGO sued the mayor for discrimination.


All the Internet commenters have spread into two groups, one agreeing with the decision of the mayor and the other one blaming him of discrimination. The mayor has been fined soon after that with 5.000 lei and was asked to tear down the wall. The funny thing about it all is that everybody has a saying in those kinds of situations, but you don’t really know why the situation went the way it did. The wall was not built to discriminate, it was built so that the children could be safe and to reduce the probability of accidents, and it really did that, because the rate of accidents has fallen drastically since that. In my second part I will describe how the Mayor achieve to make the wall stand up, against certain NGO’s will and how gypsies reacted to the fact that they have a wall near their apartments.


G. Nan


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