Self and Place in the Society


When we begin thinking about our future in the world, as individuals, we directly understand that we must have a place, and in order to have it, we must win it by struggling, or either by not struggling that much. It is questionable which is our place in the society, a main issue in the heads of many people, especially students. Are we species thought to think in a specific way or free individuals that are freely choosing their destiny? Of course, in order to be able to answer to this difficult question, we must be educated to answer to others, even if there are not the answers that are important, but an essential question: “Did your actions bring you to a better life?”

Firstly, what are our chances? Well, if you have the luck to be born with talent, you must just not be struggling that much to win your place in the society, a fact that is good, but what if you weren’t born like that? What if you weren’t born with any special gift or talent and you just have to accomplish everything by yourself and do something productive out of it?

The chances are apparently equal, but in fact they are not. A pretty illusion. By this, I want to state that if you were born a singer sounds in a specific way, and has the meaning of a native talent, meanwhile if you struggled 20 years to sing remarkable, well, that is something totally different. Your energy has been consumed, while the native has a lot more than you do, available for other activities than the one you are winning your existence of, that actually mean lack of stress and diversity in your life, not routine, which we all know about being destructive.edlerly_1826254c

Secondly, the other major question is that can you always win a place in the society by doing what you like and automatically winning your existence out of it? Well, it depends on what you do, if it is based on original ideas, what are their values, and finally, where you do what you do. If you have the luck to have the qualities of a good priest and you were born near Vatican, life just gave you a place, but what if you were a good priest in Iraq?

There is also the flipside of the image in which with enough ambition and devotement you can do anything, anywhere. Not always.

With devotement and ambition as a worker in a factory you don’t really get too far, but with the necessary tick in your Curriculum Vitae, in this case the presence of a diploma, you actually are talking from an another level. Are we labeled species place in the society, let to continually run in a maze until we die? Maybe yes, maybe not. But I think that this issue is seen in a specific way by each and every one of us. We can finally agree one the fact that in the end, what you think, that is what really matters and you are free to choose a place in the society with a positive and enough, superior value in order to please you and to not live that crysis that many people are living nowadays.

My conclusion is that this subject will be forever debatable, and that there are few places in the world where rullers grow the society correctly, and not by creating superiority and limiting them through fear and non-sensual propaganda of which hidden sense can be seen by everybody, a place where equality and human rights are respected.


Hidi Lorand Ferenc


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