Civic Responsibility – Necessity or a Hassle (Part 2)

(read part 1 here)

And so I waited…

And waited… All the while keeping an eye on the man with which I thought I have become so familiar, due to the time spent together that I could write down his whole life story. By together I mean him barely standing and me trying to hide behind a pillar like James Bond in order not to spook him).

It must have been 15 to 20 minutes later when I was thinking to myself if they took the matter serious. Sure, it was a minor act of unlawful behavior that I reported, but still… “Should I call them back?” I asked myself. And at that very moment I spot the police car patrolling the main intersection and I attempt to flag them down like I would a cab driver. The officers were relaxed and professional, they asked me what had happened; one of them wrote down the events while the other tried to engage with the intoxicated man, who was now propped against a pillar trying to perhaps make sense off the things that have transpired.

After the officer tasked with interrogating the man returned he assured me that the poor soul couldn’t even utter a word in any known language and that legally they could not do anything to assure his displacement from that public place. I understood, as he had indeed, in the 20 minutes it took the police to reach him, renounced his life of grand theft auto crimes in order to pursue other, more calming, activities such as pointlessly staring into nothingness.

I took my leave without knowing what truly happened to the man, but before I did, I sincerely asked the police officer who was penciling my observations one last thing: “Did I do the right thing?” That question was not answered that day, as it was met with silence and a warm shoulder shrug. As I made my way home I repeated the question in my head as I turned one last time to see that the police was still there, as was the poor intoxicated man probably being helped by the officers to reach safer paths where he could sway away without hurting others.


The vital question of “Did I do the right thing?” was luckily answered the following week and I promise my readers that I will convey how I came across that answer in a subsequent post.

If you have enjoyed this story, be sure to check back next week when I will try to deliver another experience that I had. This time a more fruitful one for the Civic Responsibility and its common good.


And for those of you thinking these sort of things happen only in less democratic states, I leave you with this video:



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