Pranks as Social Experiments

I`ve recently found and watched videos on Whatever YouTube Channel and I noticed that most of them are really good social experiments. I took as an example this video with the kid asking adults to light his cigarette.

This social experiment makes smokers face hard truths about their habit. Although few of the smokers tried to grant Jensen’s request, almost all of them told the boy he shouldn’t smoke.  When the kid asked adults “why they do it, then?” their answers were honest, some of them said “because I`m addicted” or “because I`m stupid”.

Taking a look at the comments from YouTube to this video, I can say that opinions are divided. Some people say that smokers are hypocrites when they say to the kid that smoking is bad but they do it anyway, others contest this opinion by saying that  we all do things we know we really shouldn’t do, procrastinating, eating poorly, etc.  We all know the dangers and consequences of the actions we take.  We just choose to fall prey to them.

Whatever is a group that make prank and social experiments online videos, focusing on how people react to different stimuli. Among their social experiments videos are also: “Spank Prank”,  “Asking Guys for Sex”, “Just Divorced”, “I Slept With Your Boyfriend”, picking up girls using different languages and so on.

I believe these kind of social experiments reflect very well natural and honest reactions to certain situations and show how people are different but similar at the same time.

Written by Ana-Maria Gulin


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