Diaper Changing Stations © All rights reserved to women

Although we don’t like to admit it, simply complaining about a problem won’t solve it. That happens to us, mere ordinary people. But when a celebrity raises a question, it suddenly becomes of interest for quite a large number of people. This is what Ashton Kutcher (a moment of silence for all of our secret hopes of marrying him one day…) managed to do with a simple tweet.

Ashton Kutcher (36), together with his wife, actress Mila Kunis, are the parents of Wyatt. According to Ashton’s statement in Ellen DeGeneres’ show, the couple is fully involved into the upbringing of their daughter, raising her by themselves, without the help of a nanny. Thus, this brings a good dose of credibility to Ashton’s message.

In the whole context of the International Women’s Day and the never-ending feminism and gender roles discussion, he couldn’t find a better moment to send his Tweet out into the world. He raises quite some important question to be answered by us, the ones living in this modern but really awkward society.

Does the role of a women still is to get married and have children? Is the men still supposed to be the one taking care of the family and supporting it? To what extend is the father expected to be involved in the upbringing of the child? To what extend is this said father LET (by the society) to be involved in the upbringing of the child? And one really obvious question that is a bit less-philosophical than the previous ones: where the hell do gay couples are expected to change their kids’ diapers?

It is quite fascinating that we, now, in 2015, got to really question this outdated practice. I’m curious if his message did indeed each the right people (as in restaurant owners and so on) and I hope I’ll still be alive to see this change taking place in our lovely traditional Romanian society.

Written by IRP


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