Why I hate religion, but love Jesus.

Honestly, ever since I was self-conscious I started doubting religion. I was never the kind of person to go to church, but I prayed every single night. My parents never took me to church, but I did visit some monasteries.
It’s not that I was rebelious or something, but I did not know how to believe in something that seems so wrong, like religion. I say this, because you can’t do anything involving church without having to pay. I can’t express the disappointment I felt when I found out, that someting that should’ve been sacred asks for money, whether it’s for a funeral, a wedding or anything else.
Just because I don’t consider myself to be a christian, it doesn’t mean that I consider myself to be an atheist. I just don’t define myself as anything.
I know some people don’t understand this, but since I’ve never hurt anyone in my life, I didn’t harm anyone, nor did them wrong and I mind my own business, they should do the same.
But I do believe in something supreme. Whether it’s God, Jesus, Nature, or just life, there must be something bigger than that. And that’s what I believe in, I guess.

By PseudoNimeni.


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