We want jobs!

Nowadays society is a continuous struggle for surviving, especially for the young generation. While the older people complain about unsatisfying qualifications among the teenagers, teenagers themselves blame them for not giving the chance to learn more within a company.

The solution might be somewhere at the middle. It is hard to completely assimilate and to enhance a craft since studying does not assure someone a job unless there is a practical background. Paradoxically, all the employers are not willing to give a young person a job offer unless he has practiced before in that specific domain. If there is not any starting point, how can the the young generation be helped?

Another obstacle encountered in their career is the wrong distribution of jobs. So, even if some of them have the proper qualification, there is someone closer to the company’s management that will get the job. For example, someone they are related to, someone known to them or simply someone that pays a lot of money in order to obtain a job contract. This so-called “nepotism” isn’t quite a property of a democratic society as many present governments bragg to rule by.

       So, the real question is who is disappointed by who? Are the old entrepreneurs entitled to complain about the carelessness of the youngers and to compare the present situation with their own from the past? Wouldn’t it be easier for them to take some of the newcomers under their protection and to learn them some tricks as they are the last keepers of the true crafts?


by Mihaila Ioana


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