Military service

The insecure situation in the Eastern Europe has forced Romanian authorities to think about reinforcing mandatory military incorporation as a safety measure. As expected, these rumors triggered a lot of discussions upon this theme. The real problem here is if this possibility could be sustainable in our society today and under these circumstances.

To tell you the truth, I think that this would be an unhealthy decision. If under the threat of a war you, as a state, call every young man to fight without proper training, there is a slight chance for them to make any difference. At the same time, the wide disapproval and disappointment of this certain category of people on the current government should be a sign that they have no interest into risking their lives. This way, military service would become a simple coercive organization. I would even dare to compare it with a communist measure.

The society has evolved in such a way that it simply doesn’t give much attention to the individual’s needs and choices. Everything is about giving to the society, working for it, obeying to it and it’s like it has nothing to give back. Somehow young men have lost the sense of duty and simply reject the idea of enrolling in the army. Make a virtual world and the battle field like the one in Counter Strike and maybe they will feel more comfortable :)).

Technology is evolving and it has already evolved a lot until now. This evolution has its pros and cons. From one point of view, it has softened the male population. All those hours sitting in front of the computer made them to lose their masculinity somehow. They would probably look funny with a gun in their hands. From another point of view, the same technology is building great, powerful weapons that could substitute the human need. There are bombs that could end a war in a blink of an eye.

The army is a strong institution, needed in every country on this Earth. The only thing that the people in charge with the enrollment should be aware of it is the fact that not everybody is right for it. And I hope so we have evolved enough to be able to solve conflicts through peaceful talks rather than killing us each other!

 by Mihaila Ioana



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