Globalization- one way road?

Globalization is an important issue of all societies because it became part of them more or less. For many seen as a process that consists of the strongest countries “absorbing” the poor ones by transmitting them economical, cultural and societal models, it stirs a lot of controversy.

A reason for this might be the long lasting relationship between “strong” and “weak”. Since the less developed countries are disoriented, they see the other category as a role model and they take some of their habits because they are working well there and they can’t see any reason why they couldn’t work in their countries as well.

There are of course pros and cons. The problem with the globalization is that it dissolves originality of a country. In time it makes them to lose their identity, individuality and uniqueness. Another disadvantage is for example with the fast food, this time an americanization trait, that makes more and more people to gain weight. So, we cannot avoid the bad influences when we import customs.

In the same time, it is curious how the few regions or countries that had kept their little corner of originality serve as great holiday destinations for the people from the developed countries. They are seen as exotic places, very beautiful for relaxing and the best places for escaping from their rushed and exhausting daily lives.

      Is globalization good or bad? Do we want to live in a dull world? Should it be a certain delimitation regarding what things should be copied and to what extent?

by Mihaila Ioana


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